Monday, June 27, 2011

QUICK 4th of July SALE!!!!

The ‎4th of July is ONE week away! 
We lowered prices on these items. If you let us know TODAY, we can ship out to you tomorrow. If you spend $5 or more we'll ship for FREE. :) (We'll send you an invoice via PayPal)  Please leave a comment and a way to contact you or EMAIL redwoodranches(at)

$3 per item

$4 per item
(UPDATE - Bow on left is SOLD.)

$5 per item/set

$6 per item
(UPDATE - Polka Dot Infant Headband is SOLD.)

$7 per item
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rachel: Why I Started Redwood Ranches...

 In the fall of 2008 my beautiful little girl Kelsie was born.  Some very kind friends and family threw me baby showers where I was showered with lots of adorable little outfits.  When Kelsie was born she had NO hair, so I bought some little headbands at the store to match her adorable little outfits.  Sadly, the store-bought headbands were tight and left indentations in her soft head.  It made me sad!  Then a good friend made Kelsie a headband with soft nylon and I fell in love...

Soon I was making infant headbands to match every outfit. :)  Kelsie was rarely seen without a big bow on her head.  The thing I loved most was that the soft nylon was so stretchable.  She no longer wears the infant headbands (she is now 2 1/2), but they stretch enough that if she wanted to she could.

When Kelsie was about 4 months I fell in love with big flowers and crocheted headbands.  I loved that they were interchangeable.  At first she just had purple and white crocheted headbands, but all of her flowers worked interchangeably with the headbands.

After about 18 months Kelsie's hair started growing like CRAZY!  Soon she had this dark blonde curly hair that I didn't know how to control.  Then I started making the small-medium flowers, and they worked perfectly!  The non-slip rubber material I attached to each clip held her hair fine hair tightly. I love how some little clip made her crazy, unmanageable hair look super cute.  She is now also moving on to regular headbands.  I had fun making her a custom fancy headband to match her Easter dress which she also was able to wear to her Uncle's wedding.

Here at Redwood Ranches we love making little girls (or grown girls) feel beautiful!  Please leave a message or email us if there is something we can help you out with.  We have products for sale locally at the Boulder Creek Drug Store and at Little People's Store in Scotts Valley, but you can also check out our Etsy Shop.  We are working on adding more items, but can ship to you directly as well.