Monday, August 15, 2011

Bows for Ruby

Last Friday, my friend lost his sweet 7 month old Ruby Jane to a rare liver disease.  She was a fighter, but unfortunately did not make it long enough to find a donor.  You can read her incredible journey on their blog -  

Through reading Ani's blog I realized just how important organ donation is.  For some reason the idea of someone else having a part of me just seemed so strange. However, if I was placed in a similar situation as the Taylor's praying and hoping for an organ, shouldn't I be willing to give one myself?
If you're aren't already - please sign up to be an organ donor.

Matt & Ani have some incredible friends who are working hard to raise money to help pay for some (hopefully all!) of their medical bills.  I wanted to share a few of the auctions going on right now with you (they  have SUPER cute stuff!  I wish I had a baby girl to buy for right now!)

Also Bows for Ruby has an auction going on right now on their Facebook Page.
I'm excited to announce that Redwood Ranches has donated some items to their auction!  
Check them out and bid, bid, bid. :)

Click HERE to bid on this item.

Click HERE to bid on this item.

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